Importance of Resume’ Building

A resume’ is a tool that is meant to assist a person seeking education or employment opportunities. As a young adult it is important to know how to properly build and present a resume’ when looking to continue with one’s life goals. As the first and lasting impression that is made on behalf of oneself it is important to have the proper tools to construct a resume’ that fits an individual’s needs. For assistance on how to build a resume please follow the link:

Volunteer Opportunities in the Tri-County region

Are you looking for an opportunity to grow as a young person? Maybe you are interested in increasing your experiences that would help open employment doors for you. Have you thought of volunteering for a local organization in the tri-county area? Not only does volunteering assist with community need, volunteering also allows opportunities for growth and experience in future educational or employment avenues. A local article published by the Washington Post, lists a number of volunteer opportunities in Charles, Calvert and St, Mary’s counties. There is information on how to contact the organization of your choice. Please see details here:

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