Mission and Vision

Ready4Life-Southern Maryland

The mission of Ready4Life-Southern Maryland is to connect youth ages 16-24 who are not in school and not employed (Opportunity Youth) to a range of services that will enhance their knowledge and skills in support of their pathway to education and employment.

Youth ages 16-24 in Southern Maryland who are not in school and not employed (Opportunity Youth), are aware of, and are linked to a comprehensive service delivery system that provides opportunities for a successful transition to education, training, and employment.

Core Values
All young people should have access to information and support to make informed career choices regarding their education, training and employment options.

Embrace the diversity of young people, education, industry and the broader community by providing equitable programs and support.

Work with the community to build and establish honest and empathetic relationships to achieve positive outcomes.

Take responsibility and the initiative to get things done. To ask questions and remain open to feedback.

Maintain a positive attitude and timely acknowledgment of request for information.

To communicate accurate information by keeping current on community resources.

Inter agency collaboration is very important to achieve results.